Putting Councillors back into the local community

In a growing Moreton Bay Regional Council, the 12 Divisional Councillors will play such an important role by being involved and immersed in local issues.

Reprioritising Council back to the basics of roads, rates and rubbish requires putting the local aspects back into the consideration and decision making of Council.

At present if you want to speak with a Councillor who is located within one of the main offices there are a number of layers of security protocol to go through.

This is not only frustrating for local residents but it can also be intimidating for residents seeking assistance on sensitive matters.

It’s time to put Councillors back to work in local communities where they are visible and accessible.

Within fourteen days of being elected Councillors will be required to propose a location for their Divisional Office.

Where possible these offices will be established within existing community buildings.

Many Councillors already hold consultations in their divisions.  Divisional Councillors already have allocated staff.  Residents will greatly benefit from having easier access to their Councillors on a permanent basis in the community.