Making Council work – Towards a better region

Talking to you about the committee structure of Council might not be the most exciting part of my campaign but it is critical to getting our Council working for our entire region.

A modern and progressive local government excels in the basics like roads, rates and rubbish.  It consults and is open with the community.  It creates new jobs, cares for the environment and makes sound choices when investing in infrastructure.

That’s a Council I want to lead towards a better region over the next four years to 2020 and beyond.

Our Council needs a regional focus for its committee structure.  That’s a real focus on the real business of Council by taking a broad view of our fast growing region.

For example, for the first time Youth and Seniors, Customer Service, Arts, Community and Cultural Services, will have dedicated committees.  A Disability reference committee will also be established.

A Rural and Emerging Communities Committee will take on the challenge of balancing growth with ensuring that our lifestyles are enhanced across the region.

Along with this boards will be established that focus on things like employee development, trainee and apprenticeship development and work experience coordination for mature age candidates.

An Information Technology Board will equip council with communication tools, apps and technology that enhance service delivery and this will now be front and center.

Community participation in sport and recreation will also become an active focus for Council.

There will also be important recognition of volunteer groups including in the area of the environment and conservation for example.

The following is a list of the Committees;

  • Planning and Development Committee
  • Parks, Sport and Recreation
  • Environment and Conservation
  • Regional Infrastructure
  • Arts, Community and Cultural Services
  • Youth and Seniors
  • Health and Community Safety
  • Economic Development and Sustainability
  • Tourism and Libraries
  • Community and Customer Service
  • Regional Management and Finance
  • Rural and Emerging Communities
  • Specific Purposes
  • Audit – Reporting
  • Heritage Consultative – Reporting

Council will also establish the following Boards reporting to the Regional Management and Finance Committee with responsibility for the following:

  • Policy and Administration
  • Regional Management and Budget
  • Employee Development
  • Information Technology
  • Health, Safety and Environment


Our region deserves a modern progressive community focused local government with a vision for the next four years and beyond.

Together we can make the changes necessary to Council towards a better region.