Enough is enough – Failed Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme Amendments.

Enough is enough

Allan Sutherland Mayor and Daryl Hitzman CEO of the Moreton Bay Regional Council should get out of the business of the regions planning and resign.

Seriously it’s time to go.

The State Government today has rejected the MBRC proposed Planning Scheme Amendments and so do many residents across the region who have had their fair share of flawed planning decisions too.

This is a rejection of their leadership and their vision for the future of our region which is clearly to be taken as read as not being compatible with the expectations of the State Government or the residents.

The damage is now done to any confidence anyone did hold in the planning system, and processes and decisions of our Council.

Clearly if the amendments are not consistent with the States Planning requirements then any application akin to them should be absolutely refused.

But what we have is developers now making applications within the vacuum created by flawed planning and openly stating that are match for the amendments that were proposed and have been rejected.

It isn’t just enough to reject these Planning Scheme Amendments the Planning Minister should write to his colleague the Minister for Local Government and advise him that he has no confidence in the planning decisions of the Moreton Bay Region Council.

What has transpired in the subsequent communication and administration of this issue is absolutely unacceptable and worthy of the dismissal of this Council.

The amount of ratepayers resources wasted on what ultimately turned out to be flawed planning is just disgraceful.