A Moreton Bay Community Forum

“If am I privileged enough to be elected Mayor I will work with my colleagues to ensure that our community organsiations get a better deal across the region.”

Our Council needs to work with community orgainsations to identify and set a positive agenda to address the diverse needs of the region. To work together towards targeted programs to support the community needs.

As a community leader I will endeavor to be the driving force behind uniting the regions community organisations under a Moreton Bay Community Forum.

Together we can provide the leadership that is required for a common direction or set of goals so that region’s many community organisations can seize the opportunity to essentially coordinate all of their good efforts.

The conversation needs to be two way to best assist identify priorities and providing support and access to resources and funding. This has to be driven locally from the ground up.

The strength to be gained through this opportunity to unite our community will achieve something really positive for our region.
Back to basics, back to local.