A real candidate

Well thanks Maria….much rather sound like a business person than be labeled a politician. That makes for a refreshing change.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be outlining my vision for the region. I guess that’s the hard and dry stuff to come.

Its a set of ideas that I have developed and changed over the past eight years since first becoming involved in local government campaigns and politics.

Primarily I’m a family man wanting to make a contribution locally so that our region can be the paradise that my kids imagine and ideally would like to grow up in.

Although I’ve already disappointed them by not promising to put a water park in our front yard and there will be no ice cream stand in their school.

They will just have to settle for better local parks and roads with less congestion on them to get to and from school on time.

It’s a serious business this standing for Mayor for the third largest region in the country. The future of our region is more primary focus.