Kerbside clean-ups for Moreton Bay Region

Kerbside clean-ups for Moreton Bay Region

Now is the time for Council to create more local jobs. It’s time for Council to deliver more for our region.

If elected Mayor at the upcoming Council Elections Saturday, 19 March Council will introduce kerbside clean-ups for the Moreton Bay Region.

There are parts of region that have had this service before and its these along with others that have been calling for kerbside clean-ups for some time, and I agree with them – it’s convenient and relatively cost effective.

Kerbside clean-ups are a great way for Council to deliver value to rate payers.

It’s a practical way to help out families so that they can get rid of unwanted rubbish and help the region to look it’s best.

Residents are able to get in and have a clean-up around the home, knowing that the rubbish can be left conveniently on the footpath and taken away without much hassle.

What a great way of getting rid of junk and making region just that little bit more beautiful; a resourceful use of ratepayer funds that has a great benefit

Many Councils similar in size to ours find the money and capacity to provide kerbside clean-ups and its time ours put a real focus back on the basics and made this happen here too

The collection service would be scheduled to selected residential properties on a division by division basis.

Our council can deliver quality services without putting pressure of the cost of living.

Towards a better region.