Moreton Bay Regional Community Forum

If elected Mayor on Saturday 19 March, I have an exciting and ambitious programme planned for the next four years to boost our local community organisations.

I believe that Council should take an active role in partnership with community organisations to create a real sense of what it’s like to live, work, play and visit our region.

For the first time Moreton Bay Regional Council will establish a Committee for Arts, Community and Cultural Services.

A key function of that Committee will be to seize the opportunity to establish a Moreton Bay Regional Community Forum.

Our fast growing region can only benefit from having a body to;


  • Bring community organisations from across the region together in one network
  • Grow, nurture and connect Council with organisations
  • Set and Review Priorities for the region
  • Provide real support in the area of communications and advocacy
  • Deliver target assistance
  • Valuing and acknowledging volunteers throughout our region.

Meeting on a Semi-annual basis MBRCF will be an important part of the Committee work.

Council can support and acknowledge the vital contributions community organisations make to our region.
Overall I have a back to basics agenda for Council.  I want to see our Council deliver quality services without putting pressure on the cost of living.

By putting downward pressure of the costs of the council, improving services and delivering increasing value for money. This will enable Council to keep rates below inflation and at the same time maintain and invest in delivering first class facilities to you, our community organisations.

My commitment is to continue to be active in the community, working with and alongside committees and voluntary groups and to be readily accountable and transparent in all that I do.
I am only too conscious of the fact that the region put its faith in its Mayor, and I guarantee if elected that I will do my utmost to repay such loyalty and trust.