Establishing Divisional Forums

One of the greatest concerns I’m hearing from across the region is how disconnected our community feels from Council.

We live in one of the fastest growing regions in the country and this is an issue we must address now.

Over the course of my campaign I am proposing a number of initiatives to make our Council more accessible, open and transparent in its dealings with the community.

One of these would be the establishment of Divisional Forums in each of the current 12 divisions throughout the Moreton Bay Region.

A Divisional Forum would be a community group that’s independent from Council and meets to discuss local issues.

Council would actively support the forums through providing a venue and actively engage with the Divisional Forums on relevant plans and projects by providing guest speakers when necessary.

There are already many very good neighborhood and residential associations out there in the region at the moment. 

The Divisional Forums program supported by Council will enhance this good work that’s already going on.