Fighting the complicity of Council

North Lakes Gold Course: Seems to me the issue is very clearly based in the planning. The devastating consequences of the issue are distress and uncertainty.

Fiirstly residents have had a reasonable expectation that there would be some certainty in buying and living in a master planned community and that those plans would have some integrity beyond just the principal developer making their initial profits.

Secondly residents should have been able to feel confident that their own Councillor and Mayor would be in this fight with them to at least listen and one would hope defeat this together.

The land is zoned open space and the retirement village use prohibited. That’s the issue.

Council and the State Government must maintain the integrity of the master planning.

No residential development in open space.

That’s the big prize here for the Seller and VRG taking land with a low value zoning and converting it into an absolute cash cow as residential use.

Why should either party be able to profit at the expense of the residents lifestyles and propery values.

To do so is a prospect better than winning lotto. All you need do is buy open space land in the Moreton Bay Region and then flog it for a use it was never intended for and the council will be complicit in assisting your profit making if you are lucky.

What I can see in this story is residents who understand this isn’t a fight against VRG or even the Golf Club. If VRG retreats other buyers still may come if not now then maybe later.

This is a fight to get Council to protect and enhance the lifestyles of the residents of North Lakes through planning.

Council must commit all of its available resources to stand firm on the master plans for North Lakes the DCP to send a clear message that they aren’t going to be interfered with ever.

Send that message to VRG and anyone else who will ever seek to do the same gets the same message. .

That stops this issue today and well into the future.

Stay classy North Lakes….

you’ve got this

…..fight the planning not the players.