Additional Policies

Acceptable Request Guidelines

Amended Policies

Advertising expenditure
Allocation of road names and street address numbers
Amenity and aesthetics – impact of proposed building work
Approval of subdivision plan prior to completion of subdivision works
Art collection management, acquisitions and exhibition
Audit committee
Business Continuity Management
Climate change
Community comment session
Community engagement
Community facilities interest free loans
Community grants
Community leasing
Competitive neutrality complaints
Complaints about the public official
Complaints process – administrative action complaints policy
Conflict of interest
Corporate social media
Council fleet fuel
Council insurance
Disability access and inclusion
Discretionary funds
Disposal of waste at transfer stations
Disposal of waste free of charge
Divisional newsletters
Donations in-lieu of rates and charges levied
Dress code – Councillor and officer attendance at council meetings
Drug and alcohol testing
Enterprise risk management
Entertainment and hospitality expenses
Executive Performance Review
Film production on Council-controlled land
Fraud and corruption control
General waste, recyclable waste storage and collection
Gifts, sponsored hospitality benefits, awards and prizes
Heavy vehicle national law – chain of responsibility compliance
In-kind support to community groups
Incentivising infill development
Information and communication technology security
Infrastructure asset management
Internal audit
Koala conservation
Local Area Traffic Management
Lone and remote worker
Minor capital works program
Minor operational works program policy
Monies held in trust
Moreton Bay rail residential parking permit system (Trial)
Motor vehicle
Museum collection management, acquisition and exhibitions
Naming of Council owned or administered buildings, structures, assets
Non-current assets
Open data
Outside employment
Personal access ramps (kerb ramps)
Personal tributes in parks and public open space (excluding roads)
Pesticide use
Preparation of master plans for Council-controlled or owned sites
Professional development
Provision of financial securities
Public interest disclosure
Recording of Mayor and Councillor correspondence
Reimbursement of expenses and provision of facilities for councillors
Related parties disclosures
Release of survey and research data
Remission: development fees and infrastructure charges
Requests for personal access ramps – site assessment
Resumptions and acquisitions of land
Security for building work
Unreasonable complainant conduct
Shading of streetlights
Special natural disaster leave
Unauthorised recording policy
Use of Council’s information and communication technology systems
Use of the Moreton Bay Regional Council corporate identity (logo)
Watercourses and drainage easements within private properties
Website maintenance and requests for separate websites
Workplace health and safety